Shall we all write in assembly and C then? That’s a great article by Uncle Bob, but let me sincerely disagree with using it here. I’ve read it carefully and liked it. TL;DR — you should understand what’s inside the framework you use and maybe you wouldn’t need it for your use-case. Maybe you can write a bit of code for yourself instead of using somebody else’s code.

I agree with that. You could apply to Kotlin’s standard library, for example or to other Kotlin libraries. But I don’t see how Uncle Bob’s advice applies to Kotlin, the language. As Bob notices, people should not view programming languages as magic. They are just tools and you should understand how they actually work inside. And we do try to make Kotlin understandable, give you tools to see what is going inside and explain how it all works, to dispel any feeling of magic there.

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Project Lead for the Kotlin Programming Language @JetBrains

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